Do's & Don'ts

Do's & Don'ts

28 May 2023

Dos and Don’ts
While having an insurance product, few things we should take care to fully enjoy the benefits of the insurance policy. So here we have pen down some of the dos and don’ts for different insurance products.

For Health Insurance

  • Always carry your cashless card while going to the hospital
  • Maintain all bills relating to hospitalisation, including pre and post in original
  • Remember to take the bills from your family / consulting doctor
  • Never disclose the amount of coverage to the hospital as they might increase the bill which will affect you as well
  • Do not go for very expensive treatment or expensive hospitals if not necessary, as the limit might get exhausted in case there are more claims in any particular year
  • Ask the hospital authorities about the approximate cost of treatment beforehand
  • Before hospitalisation, clarify whether the particular disease is covered under your policy terms and conditions or not
  • Do not panic in case of an emergency. Procedures and rules have to be followed and paper work needs to be completed for cashless
  • Request the hospital authorities to send the necessary papers to the TPA at the earliest, without which, claim cannot be processed & cashless cannot be granted
  • Feel free to consult our claims team anytime for any issues. It is advisable to store our helpline numbers in your mobile phone and also give it to your family members

Life Insurance

  • No Life Insurance needed on Children or Housewives…Increase Your Cover
  • Forms are Legal Documents – Fill them carefully
  • Always keep Documentary Proof of Communication
  • Ask for Receipts – Proof of Risk Cover
  • Timely Renewals
  • Never give wrong facts to save on Premium
  • Don’t buy Insurance only because the Banker says
  • You can claim for Professional Indemnity if your Consultant has not given adequate service
  • L1 is not necessarily the Best
    • Check the terms and conditions
    • Background of Insurer
    • Relation with Insurer

Motor Insurance

  • Be present when the surveyor is inspecting the vehicle at the workshop and provide him with all the original documents for verification.
  • In case of third party injury assist the injured person and shift him to the nearest hospital. Report the matter to the nearest police station from the place of the accident and obtain a copy of the FIR. Immediately inform us of the same.
  • Do not make any promises or offer compensations to any party involved in the accident on behalf of the Insurance Company.
  • In case of a Car Theft, inform us at the EARLIEST and File a FIR within 24 hours, obtain a copy and submit all the original documents of the car to initiate the claim process. Keep the car keys with you.
  • Never venture a drive through water when the water level is above the tyre centerline. The engine, electrical and electronic components may get seriously damaged.
  • While passing through a low level water logged area, use the lowest gear alongwith high acceleration to prevent blocking of exhaust gases coming out of the engine.

In case vehicle is submerged in flood water, DO NOT try to start the engine as it causes serious damage to the engine and thus the claim will not become payable. Push the car to a safe location and consult an expert technician for checking and necessary rectification.

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