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About Us

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Mr. Rahul Agarwal

A lot of people ask me Why Insurance?

Did you know only 2.8% of India’s population has any kind of Health Insurance? 66% of the rest has to sell off their assets or take loans to pay for their families’ medical treatments.

This Percentage increases to 82% when someone dies in India and the family doesn’t have money to sustain the same standard of living.

Life Insurance penetration might have crossed 30% but most of the population is still grossly UNDERINSURED.

Did you Know that a 1000 square ft house even in a posh locality will cost only Re 1 per day for Fire Insurance – and still no one buys a Home Insurance – a home which is the most precious possession of an individual? All these are glaring examples of an extreme lack of awareness about the benefits of Insurance in our country. And most of the time, Insurance is taken, either because it is mandatory or because of tax benefits.

It is our mission to create awareness and distribute the benefit to masses.
Insurance is the only business which pays for your losses and the satisfaction you get when you hand over a claim cheque to a needy person is unparalleled. This satisfaction is our driving force and constantly motivates us in achieving our goal.

CSR Activities

Contribution of Ideal Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd.
Ideal Insurance believes in paying back to the society. We have organized blood donation camps, tree plantation drive towards a better society. We have planned several activities in the near future to be of further help to the society around us.

Ideal Insurance sponsored the tree plantation drive in IIT Mumbai campus. We planted more than 500 saplings in collaboration with CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) and YI (Yound India) on the occasion of World Environment day. This was a small step to facilitate more greenery in India.
Ideal Insurance also organized a blood donation camp on 4 June 2011, where more than 70 people participated for donation blood. This blood donation camp was held with the help of People’s Blood Camp which provide free blood to thalassemia patients. It was an initiative to serve the weaker section of the society.

Our Mission

We work hard to ensure that our clients are always left feeling happy about choosing us as their insurance partner. Their satisfaction with our products and our services help us to do even better in our efforts to build a world where insurance coverage is a reality. Our mission is to rank in the ‘Top 5 Insurance Broking Houses Of India’ by the year 2025.

Our Vision

We visualize ourselves as a happy workforce that offers an unparallel customer experience. We also wish to be the most admired insurance broker of India, not by blindly selling, but by educating our clients and always being there with them, whenever they need our assistance. Our ultimate aim is to make the claim settlement procedure so convenient that nobody will ever have to suffer delays in reaping the benefits of their insurance claims

121 Policy – Our Digital Venture

Did you know that a total of 450 million people use smart phones in India, today? With an average usage of 3 hours, mobiles are what drive the industry today. This is exactly why we came up with a 121 Policy that is a mobile-first application to help our clients access everything that is related to Insurance, through their phones. 121Policy is a user-friendly application and it employs one click solutions to its users. It is both time and cost-efficient.

Our team

We prioritize our clients over and above everything else, so when it comes to you, we only have the best team onboard. We also have on-board seasoned professionals who with considerable experience in Insurance and other sectors bring their skill and expertise ot the table. With their corporate mantras they drive our team towards excellence.

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