Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance is driven by the phrase, “use it or lose it”. In India, more than 1200 road crashes occur every single day. Assuming that, you will follow the traffic rules and nothing wrong will ever happen is the mistake that can lead to a huge financial loss, unless your vehicle has an insurance coverage in place. While the Indian Law makes it mandatory to insure your vehicle against third party liability, it is prudent to have a comprehensive coverage. A comprehensive motor coverage empowers both the parties,involved in the accident, with coverage in case of loss. It helps restore the financial status to the state it was before the loss actually happened.

Motor insurance is a contact between a vehicle owner and an insurance provider wherein, the latter compensates for losses arising out of accidents, theft, third-party injuries or death. It could also cover personal injuries to you or your passengers.

Motor insurance can be categorized into:

  • Comprehensive cover
  • Third Party Cover**

** Mandatory According to Indian Law (state act according to law)

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