Home Insurance

Home Insurance

“Home is where the heart is”. We have heard this a lot. But, we do spend some of our most precious moments of life in the comfort of our home and it is thus, the most important asset. Like every asset needs protection, even our homes require protection and the most reliable form of security is home insurance.

In this type of insurance, the insurer and the insured enter into a contract, as per which, the insurer is legally bound to pay an amount that will take care of the damages to property, in any untoward situation* that may occur.

The insurance cover is applicable in situations like fire and allied perils, burglary or break-in, loss of insured jewelry, appliances like refrigerator, washing-machines etc., sanitary fittings, personal baggage, personal accidents and legal liability to domestic servants.

There are a few exceptions to the policy and since we believe in keeping everything transparent from Day 1, listed below are the situations that are not covered:

  • Loss or damage resulting out of domestic staff’s direct involvement
  • Loss of livestock, motor vehicles, pedal cycles, money, securities for money, stamp, bullion, deeds, bonds, bills of exchange, promissory notes, stock or share certificates, business books, manuscripts, documents of any kinds, ATM debit or credit cards.
  • loss or damage to any property that is illegally acquired or stored and is subject to forfeiture
  • loss or damage occurring while your house is unoccupied for a period of more than 30 days consecutively, and you have failed to inform the insurance company about it

*The situation must be covered under the policy.

Did you know?

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