Health Insurance

Health Insurance

You can never be prepared enough for the unpredictability of life. Our current lifestyles, sudden health conditions can wreak havoc on our financials. This strain further leads to stress factors and then eventually lead to more health problems.

Today, health costs are rising at an alarming rate of 20% p.a. 80% of hospitalization expenses are covered by taking a loan or selling of assets. Penetration of health insurance in India is only 1.2 % as compared to 84% in the U.S. Also,we do not receive any form of Social security from the government. Keeping all of this in mind, we should insure our health today so that our health conditions do not drain out our savings.

A robust health insurance is the only way to break this vicious cycle and live your life in peace. This is a type of insurance in which the policy holder’s medical expenses are covered, by an insurance company, in the event of an emergency. A health policy can either offer cashless medical facilities or reimbursement of the same.

Health insurance can be broken down into 2 categories:

  • General health insurance cover
  • Critical illness cover that offers coverage for acute illnesses like strokes, kidney failure, diabetes and cancer.

Did You Know?

When you choose us for Health Insurance, you get the Ideal Advantage and that gives you:

  • Lowest Premiums from across all service providers
  • Best Offerings after a careful evaluation of all available products
  • No Medical Tests Required till the age of 70 (Coverage available till the age of 80)
  • Quick Claims Settlement
  • 24*7 Customer Support

Timely Renewals and Periodic Review to avoid discontinuity