Ideal Advantage

  • Lowest Premiums
  • Best Product
  • Renewals from any Company
  • Quick Claim Settlement
  • 24 Hr Service Helpline
  • Timely Renewals

The Policy Covers

The policy is convenient and easy to understand, with easy documentation and hassle free claims service

This policy can be issued to any manufacturing or industrial organization

  • Legal liability arising out of accidents due to any defects in the products sold or supplied by the Insured.
  • Legal costs, fees and expenses incurred with the prior consent of the Company.


  • Cost, repair or replacement of allegedly defective product
  • Product recall
  • Contractual agreement liability
  • Any product which is intended for incorporation into any aircraft
  • Financial loss or loss of goodwill
  • Deliberate, willful, intentional non-compliance of statutory provisions
  • Any Product guarantee
  • Fines, penalties, punitive or exemplary damage
  • War and nuclear perils

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